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Client Testimonial for Prenatal Massage

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Pregnant woman laying on massage table while receiving a shoulder massage
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your group of massage therapists. It has allowed me over the last fifteen years to meet my specific massage and scheduling needs. I began at the Healing Zone with weekly prenatal massages but have continued over the years with different goals including stress and tension relief, gardening recovery and injury rehab and general well-being. Whoever I have seen for a massage, I feel I have been in good, caring hands. Their professionalism, training and passion are always evident. I completely trust that you attract only the best massage therapists and hold them to your own impeccable standards. I have always felt confident buying gift certificates for family and friends and happy donating to Healing Zone fundraisers. Thank you to you and your therapists dedication for making each massage a special, uplifting and healing experience.

Client Testimonial for Oncology Massage

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Surgeons and oncologists treated my cancer, but it was Nanci who healed me. Nanci at The Healing Zone is not afraid of cancer, not the scars and not the physical and emotional precariousness. She took my body that had been sliced and sewn and poisoned with the toxins of chemo, and worked out the rigidity from weeks in bed and the stress of fear, and gave me an hour of pure peace. When I read the formal studies in prestigious medical journals that correlate metastasis with increased stress hormones, I realized that my massages at The Healing Zone were as important for my health as the surgery and chemo, and pleasurable to boot!
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After working construction for 35 years my usual refrain was, “Nothing is going to help these shoulders except ‘maybe’ surgery. But when I investigated that route I was turned off by the surgeon calling me a “nihilist” because I passed on the cortisone shot. That was a year ago and now after 2 sessions at the Healing Zone I would say that I made the right decision. No skepticism here, I’m a believer.
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I’m so glad that I met you – it was close to 10 years ago. I know that when my lower back is screaming, and I’m just really wired, that I can call you and I’ll get relief. But I also call you for peace of mind. When my son broke his femur, you were the first stop after the cast came off. That was 6 years ago, and he still talks about it. Last year I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke due to an aneurysm, was hospitalized for 5 weeks and came home more stiff and sore that I could ever imagine. Thank you for easing the stress and tension in my body, and in my mind, and for carefully listening to what I really needed
Woman laying on massage table receiving a shoulder massage
Black and white photo of woman with tattoo on her side receiving a shoulder massage
I brought my wife here for a massage. She has fibromyalgia and the staff was so attentive to her needs. They really got to know her and what would work best for her body. If I could give a review higher than 5 stars I would.
I have just had my third visit to the Healing Zone this past weekend. I especially appreciate being able to go on Saturdays. Everyone at the Healing Zone, from the owner to the therapists, is kind and helpful. It's a comfortable environment, with easy online scheduling. Every massage I've had has helped to relieve my pain, and made me feel relaxed. I will be returning!
Always a bright spot in my schedule every couple of weeks. 90 minutes of pure relaxation and muscle therapy to rejuvenate ones self and sole! Nanci does a wonderful job and always seems to find the problem areas and work them out. I highly recommend you check out a session at the Healing Zone!
Having grown up with a mother who is a massage therapist, I already knew the benefits of regular massage when I arrived for my first year at Smith College. When my mother found out that The Healing ZONE offered student rates (on and off campus) she insisted that she would set money aside for me to schedule regularly. She believed , and so do I now, it would help me through the stress of living in a new place and strengthen my immune system. There are therapists by the dozen in Northampton, a five minute walk from the college, but I feel comfortable at The Healing ZONE and trust Nanci, and that’s worth the bus ride to Hadley. After getting no sleep during finals, I was having awful headaches and just a half hour upper body session banished the headaches. I sleep better, study better and sometimes it’s the ONLY time during the week that I have completely to myself, to do nothing but relax … priceless.
Katie, Smith College Student
My experience with the Healing Zone was phenomenal. I went in there with my foot hurting….I mean hurting and after a lot of work on my leg and foot l could smile again. I also learned a great deal on how to manage the pain and start to heal it. Bravo to the Healing Zone Team.
I don’t think I could have made it through a difficult twin pregnancy without my massages! Thanks for your wonderful care, including your specialized knowledge, techniques and your intuitive ability to tailor the massage to my needs.
How do I describe a massage that not only removes the physical knots but also massages the soul… The people and the environment put you at ease instantly. Getting a massage at The Healing Zone is more than just a massage, it is like joining a family that respects your needs whatever they may be at that moment.
In 2006, I suffered a severely broken leg. After two years of intense physical therapy I was told I had reached a point where additional therapy would not improve my condition. I walked around for the next two years on a swollen foot, ankle and leg that throbbed with pain with every step. I stopped doing many things because of the pain and had to walk with a cane. After only three 90 minute sessions and using the information I learned about how to position myself while sitting and sleeping the swelling in my foot and ankle was reduced tremendously. I no longer have pain with every step and have begun to live a more productive life. As the swelling was reduced I also had more feeling in the affected areas. I now have little need for my cane. I want to thank you Nanci and encourage anyone who doubts the benefits of massage therapy to make an appointment and experience the transformation as I did and begin to live again.
My two-year-old daughter suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and I give her a 20-minute massage every evening after her bath to relieve her muscle tension and discomfort. I start with her back and shoulders, then move to her arms, hands, chest, hips, buttocks, legs and feet. By the end of the massage, Ana is so relaxed, her toes are splayed out and her arms are loose at her sides. Many children with Ana’s condition have had to resort to surgery or to high doses of medication to relieve their persistent muscle tension and spasticity. Thanks to regular massages, Ana is not only thriving without serious medical intervention, but also we have found a bedtime ritual that we both look forward to and enjoy. I am so grateful to Janice Peterman, LCMT for teaching me the art of infant massage and for helping me to refine our massage ritual to meet Ana’s special needs.
Janice conveys both knowledge and compassion throughout the massage and is very attentive to my particular condition. She is especially skilled at finding and releasing the knots in my back that come from stress at work. I trust her to always make me feel better!
My foot feels great! Won the Master’s Division in a very challenging 10k this past weekend (3,300 participants). Averaged 6:11 pace per mile with no issues regarding the foot! You rock!
I first came to Nanci after an unexpected 2nd trimester pregnancy loss. I was devastated and felt totally out of sync: body, mind and spirit. Through massage, Nanci used her healing powers to bring me back to a hopeful place. She helped cleanse the stress and grief out of my body, and to cope with the hormonal changes that affected me physically and emotionally. My muscles relaxed, my circulation improved significantly, and I was able to slowly emerge from a deep depression. When I became pregnant again I was very anxious. Thankfully, Nanci was there for me throughout the entire pregnancy, knowing how to work though the usual aches and pains, but more importantly, offering her healing touch to control my stress, and to help make me strong and resilient. My work with Nanci has brought me a stronger sense of connectedness to my pregnancies, and to all the changes I experienced.
I came to the Healing Zone on the advice of my Chiropractor. After having a traumatic accident that resulted in muscle damage, plus having arthritis with chronic pain and stiffness, I felt emotionally drained and overwhelmed. The sense of hopelessness is not a good feeling. The professional, compassionate and knowledgeable therapy has been so important in the healing of my body (soul too) and has provided me relief of the negative aspects of injury and a chronic condition. Nanci and Janice have given me support, hope, and relief that is nurturing. They listen and communicate with you to personalize your treatment of what you need with each session. I really appreciate that the styles of both therapist are equally effective but also appreciate the different techniques that each bring to the session. These therapists share a common commitment to me … the client with positive energy. It is a great comfort to know I have a team to address my needs! Thank you!!!
A big THANK YOU to The Healing Zone – over this past year I have seen three therapists and all have been so intuitive in helping me find relief from my physical pain issues. I had an extreme back pain period that with the combination of PT and the Healing Zone team, got me back on my feet!!! I continue to maintain my function with their support. And I am so pleased with the new Healing Zone location- still convenient and accessible! You are a great team! Best wishes and many thanks!!!
This is the best massage service I have ever had. And I have had massages all around the world! Nanci is warm, friendly, caring and knows how to make me so very comfortable and relaxed. Her knowledge of Oncology really is outstanding.
My PCP recommended I have a massage for tension and pain in my shoulders and neck. Never having a massage before this was a big decision for me, where to go, what kind of massage to get. I finally decided to try a chair massage. I made an appointment with Nancy and while there she suggested I try therapeutic massage which we did for the second half of my appointment. I left feeling so relaxed. I’ll be making an appointment for a therapeutic massage to continue my therapy. Nancy suggested 2 other therapists in her office, so I’ll try them,too. I highly recommend The Healing Zone.
I had a 30 min massage with James and it was fantastic. I have been to quite a few spas in the area and I have had quite a few massages, and each time before you go in, the masseuse always asks if there is any area that you would like them to focus on, and often times it feels like they kind of just stick to their usual routine and don’t actually listen. That was not this case this time, James paid attention, actually worked on the areas I needed help with, offered tips on how to prevent the issues I was experiencing, and created a peaceful, relaxed environment. From start to finish I was really happy with my experience. From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed. The true testament to how much I enjoyed my massage is that the minute we were done I booked a second appointment, which I have never done before. I have never felt comfortable enough to request a second appointment with the same masseuse until I tried the Healing ZONE. So thank you James for a really great experience. I look forward to returning soon!
My therapist was fantastic. A fellow runner, she knew exactly what I needed to get back out there!! Shared stretching and running form tips. This is hands down the best massage ever. I especially recommend for athletes.
Until my recent massage with Janice, I had never experienced a massage. I have never felt that I would enjoy this type of experience. I have had some health issues recently and this is one of the alternative modalities I am exploring. Janice listened to my list of symptoms (complaints). I never felt rushed during the interview /evaluation and my massage was relaxing as well as invigorating. I have booked a follow up. Not sure if the massage will help my issues, but I certainly have a sense of well-being after my massage. Janice was very professional, yet at the same time made me feel comfortable and at ease.
I have had a lot of massage over the years, mostly for relaxation. It is always a bit daunting to show up at a new place, unsure of what your experience will be. Sometimes I have had good experiences; many times I have been underwhelmed by the experience. I sought out The Healing Zone at the recommendation of a friend when I was in a minor car accident and had some pain in my neck. I would describe my experiences at The Healing Zone (I have had 5 appointments with 3 different massage therapists) as pure gift each time. Tucked away in a quiet space and lying on a heated pad, you are transported right away to a different emotional space before you even begin. Each therapist was calm, kind, friendly and gentle in demeanor, took the time to get to know me a bit, and asked helpful questions so that they could best understand how to help with my particular need. Each was fully present to me during the massage, checking in with me to see if what they were doing was alleviating my symptoms. Being able to go on line and book an appointment right away, and having several therapists on staff and available at a variety of days and times has been wonderful. My busy—and often unpredictable— work schedule means that I need some flexibility and to have the convenience of going on line and knowing that I won’t have to wait for a long time before I can get an appointment has been invaluable. Do yourself a favor and book a massage at The Healing Zone!
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