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The Healing ZONE Brings Over 20 Years of experience offering integrative therapeutic massage

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The Healing ZONE offers treatments for a wide range of clients: from athletes in training to people with chronic health issues as well as pregnant women to oncology patients and their caregivers. Integrative Therapeutic Massage is a partnership. Our intention is to hold space for you to be present to yourself, to give attention to your body, and to help you discover, or rediscover, your own restorative capacity. Nanci, the owner, strives to create a “healing zone”—a place where all who enter feel safe and comfortable with anyone on her team of therapists.

Reviews On Power of Massage


I began at the Healing Zone with weekly prenatal massages but have continued over the years with different goals including stress and tension relief, gardening recovery...


I sleep better, study better and sometimes it’s the ONLY time during the week that I have completely to myself, to do nothing but relax … priceless.


I realized that my massages at The Healing Zone were as important for my health as the surgery and chemo, and pleasurable to boot!

Why Our Clients Choose The Healing ZONE Massage...

We Use Integrative Therapeutic Massage

Massage is often described as the manipulation of muscles or other soft tissues to release tension. There are multiple ways to address those tissues; gliding strokes, kneading, or applying friction to name a few. Sometimes, a gentle hold is all that is needed to ease tension. Pressure can vary between massage modalities and practitioners. 

While that definition of massage works, we think it leaves out much of what massage can offer. Our work often targets distress brought on by anxiety and stress. We see these play out in muscle tension, aches and pains, trouble sleeping, headaches, high blood pressure, low energy, and depression.

How is this different than other types of massage?

Because healing comes from different methods, we integrate a variety of them in different ways. We each have our own style, techniques, experience and expertise.

Your needs may change from session to session. Massage care is designed to meet you where you are on any given day. We understand that people access their healing mechanisms in different ways. Integrative Therapeutic Massage is a partnership.

Learn more on different types of massage and specialty massages that The Healing ZONE massage offers.

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